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WE Schools Program

Jane Addams Middle School develops student's awareness and ability to help others in the school community and beyond. We value preparing our students to develop skills toward being socially conscious global citizens and leaders in the future. This year marks our 4th year implementing the WE Schools program to reach this goal. The WE Schools Program Curriculum assists us in launching a series of service learning campaigns aimed at helping others. Each school year we complete at least one local and global school wide effort.

At JAMS We FIght for Hunger

schoolwide serve campaigns

"WE See Through the Smoke" : This anti-vaping campaign included student leaders teaching lessons in classrooms about the dangers of vaping and how E-cigarettes are being marketed towards kids. Participating students created infographics about the topics to demonstrate their learning. In addition, the student leaders produced a series of anti-drug video messages that were broadcasted to the student body on the school's weekly school news show, the "Bengal News".

"WE Speak Up" : Our goal each year is to stop and prevent bullying. During this campaign our student leaders teach a series of anti-bullying lessons from the Olweus Anti-bullying curriculum in Advisory class. Lesson topics included; identifying the different roles in a bullying situation, the negative feelings and outcomes associated with bullying incident, identifying the difference between a conflict and bullying, developing empathy for others and what words to use and actions to take in bullying situations. These lessons culminated in the WE Speak Up Poster Contest where several top posters were recognized on the Bengal News and displayed throughout the school.

WE Fight Hunger" : These campaigns have included school-wide efforts raising thousands of canned food for the less fortunate in our community, organizing a coat-drive leading to the donation over one hundred winter coats to a local shelter. Most recently our school hosted fundraisers to support the firefighting efforts in Southern California this fall.

"We Create Change" Global Campaign : Sometimes the smallest change can create the biggest impact. Leadership hosted a coin drive to raise funds toward purchasing a goat for a family in a developing community. With a diary goat, a family gains a source of nutritious milk and sustainable income.

WE Day- A Celebration of Service : We celebrate our successes by participating with hundreds of WE Schools at WE Day each spring. At WE Day celebrity actors and musicians recognize all the service campaigns completed by participating WE Schools. WE Day inspires schools and students leaders to continue fighting for social justice.