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Claudia Godoy

School Social Worker


Claudia Godoy

Our Partners

Children's Bureau

Carson Family Center

460 E. Carson Plaza Drive, Suite 122

Carson, CA 90746


Occupational Therapy Training Program

19401 South Vermont Ave.
Suite A-200
Torrance, CA 90502

Welcome to Student Support Services

Our Mission

The Student Support Services Department provides a strong network of services and support to the students, staff, parents and community of Lawndale Elementary School District. This department oversees a wide range of educational and support programs that provide instruction to our students. Our goal is to advocate for students and families by linking them to an array of services that will open the doors to a better tomorrow.

These services include:

  • Alternative Education

  • Child Welfare and Attendance

  • Counseling

  • Foster Youth

  • Homeless Education

  • Health Services

Counseling Groups at JAMS

Parenting Group:

Designed to provide support to parents of young teens. Some topics include: positive discipline, open communication, rules & responsibilities, parenting styles, supporting children with academics, and bullying.

parenting with love and logic

Grief and Loss Support Group:

Interns are leading a grief and loss group during school lunch time. Students that have lost a loved one will receive help on how to cope with that loss. Taking applications now until January.

Grief and Loss Flyer

Motivation Group:

Designed for our 8th graders in need of increasing Academic Performance. This group focuses on organizational skills, problem solving, and goal setting.
Motivation Group

Level Up:

Designed for helping young girls achieve high self-esteem using expressive arts, such as dance and music.

level up