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Student Clubs

Students at JAMS have the opportunity to participate in various student clubs and sports. We encourage students to explore these opportunities and participate in enrichment activities that spark their interests!

Math Club

Math Club on Mondays at first lunch in the Gym Classroom. All 6th and 7th grade students are welcome to attend a meeting to find out more and see if they want to join.

Chess Club

Chess Club on Fridays at first lunch. Students at any level can join to learn and play!

Newcomer Robotics Club

We are excited to introduce the Newcomers Robotics Club, tailored exclusively for newcomer students. This club offers a unique blend of educational enrichment through play and critical thinking with robotics. Students have the opportunity to explore creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork in a safe and inclusive environment that simultaneously improves English language skills. Additionally, the Newcomer Robotics Club teaches social-emotional skills to assist students to gain confidence, set goals, make better decisions, and navigate the world more effectively to thrive both in the classroom and in life.

RAP Clubs

Cheer Club

Students who join Cheer club participate in community events, school events and parades.

Design your life

Students participate in career curriculum to help them develop a plan for their future in a span of 10 years. 

Basketball Clinics

Students participate in learning and developing Basketball skills while learning the background of Basketball and the importance of team. 

Soccer Clinics

Students participate in learning and developing Soccer skills while learning the background of Soccer and the importance of team.

Digital Art/STEM

Students participate in hands-on activities that include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This includes Digital Art and Lego Spike Robotics.


Our sports are offered through RAP. Students that are interested must attend a meeting to find out detailed information, attend the tryouts, and they must fill out a RAP application to register. 
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Basketball


Have a club idea? Contact our school and provide your suggestions!