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Digital Citizenship is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping students and families succeed in a world of digital media and technology.


The teachers and staff at JAMS are dedicated to educating our students on the various components to digital citizenship. We have implemented different lessons from the curriculum in order to support their learning in digital citizenship. Part of providing 21st century learning for our students involves developing responsible digital citizens for the future. We also want to provide our parents support and accurate information regarding the different concerns involved with having a digital world. We are having a series of parent workshops to support this.

Digital Citizenship Parent Night #3

Video Games and Violent Content

Digital Citizenship Parent Night #3

VIdeojuegos y contenido violento

Digital Citizenship Parent Night #2

Distraction, Multitasking, and Time Management
Distracciones y Gestion de Tiempo

Digital Citizenship Parent Night #1

Digital Citizenship Parent Workshop

Think Before You Share