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College and Career Resources

Career Guidance

The counselors recognize the importance of supporting student development of a positive attitude toward work and the necessary skills to to make a successful transition from school to the world of work. We aim to provide opportunities for students to increase their career awareness. Classroom guidance lessons include completing interest inventories, researching various career clusters, developing a realistic budget based on income, connecting the relationship between education and earning potential and selecting high schools based on strengths and interests. The counseling department also facilitates the annual Career Day at JAMS. Career Day includes guest speakers from a variety of work fields inspiring our students with their stories of educational and work achievement. Speakers represented numerous fields including engineering, news broadcasting, acting, law enforcement, game design and medicine.

Career Day 

Students have the opportunity to learn about different occupations and how school relates to the world of work. We appreciate our partnerships with our speakers who take time out of their work day to inspire our young people in Lawndale!

For speaker volunteer opportunities, please contact the counselors at Addams.

Thank You to Our Sponsor!

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The Lawndale Elementary School District Education Foundation provides opportunities for the children of the Lawndale Elementary School District to achieve their potential by supporting programs and additional resources that engage students and enhance standard curriculum in extraordinary ways.