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Academic Guidance


The counselors have many resources in place to help students reach their academic potential. These resources include academic counseling groups and individual academic progress monitoring. We recognize the importance of communication with parents to ensure academic success. In addition to the 6 week progress report / report cards, the counselors provide parent guidance with the incentive charts and the grade portal on the computer. We encourage parents to contact the counselors for conferences regarding student progress and developing a plan for success.

Promotion Requirements 

Jane Addams Middle School and the Lawndale Elementary School Board believes that a diploma from Jane Addams indicates 3 years of successful progress indicated by the completion of 6th, 7th and 8th grade requirements.

Promotion Requirements include:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher
  • An 8th grade student must accumulate no more than 5 U's in Citizenship for all three trimester report cards
  • Last trimester, a student must earn no more than 2 U's in Citizenship
  • Suspension close to an event may result in exclusion of an activity
  • Multiple disciplinary infractions may result in administrative decision to deny an activity

What is G.P.A.

G.P.A. stands for Grade Point Average. It is used across the United States to measure a students academic achievement. All courses at Jane Addams Middle School carry the same number of units. G.P.A. assumes a grading scale of A, B, C, D, F. Each grade is assigned a number of points. An A grade receives 4 points, a B=3, C=2, a D=1, and an F=0. 

Example of how G.P.A works:

Grades Explained


Honor Roll

A student at Jane Addams Middle School will receive an invitation to the Honor Roll Ceremony if they acquire a 3.5 or higher G.P.A and does not receive any N's or U's in their Citizenship grade that trimester. These ceremonies take place at the end of Trimester One and Two. 



  • Check with your child's teachers to find out if the teacher is available before school, at lunch, or after school any day of the week.
  • Online tutoring is available through the Los Angeles County Library @ Online tutors are available. 

  • Students can enroll in our RAP afterschool and morning program. This program dedicates time each day to helping students with their homework. Applications are available online.

  • Online tutoring is available through Brainfuse. Students can access the tutoring through their Classlinks.