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6th Grade
Name Content Email
David Navarro ELA/Science
Susan Nichols ELA/Math
Silvya Ortiz-Figueroa ELA/Science
Bridget Mahoney ELA/History
Jennifer Alston ELA/History
Gabriella Straus ELA/Math
Lorraine Welch ELA/Science
Leslie Hauser ELA/History
Jaime Lomonaco-Berenson ELA/Math


7th Grade
Name Content Email
Ryan Shiroma Science
Peggy LeDuff Science
Steve Bailey History/Social Science
Doug Neufeld History/Social Science
Sidney Roles ELA
Francisco Torres Math
Ali Mulgrew ELA
Kasey O'Connor Math


8th Grade
Name Content Email
Mark Nurre History/Social Science
Fred Hauer Math
Eric Mariscal ELA/ELD/CPA
Kellie Duffy Science
Timothy Pencille Science
Chris Morales Math
Amy Heras ELA, ELD and CPA
Grace Cobian History


Name Content Email
Anne Marie D'Agostino Art
Evan Bedor Computers
Adrian Rendon Music


Physical Education
Name Content Email
Hector Sagastume Physical Education
Laura Maxwell Physical Education
Monica Carter Physical Education


Special Education
Name Content Email
Colette Corless Learning Center
Xochitl Hernandez Learning Center
Sivann Onstad (Uy) Learning Center
Jorene Butacan Autism
Olivia Parker STAAR